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Putin Addresses Wagner Rebellion and Prigozhin in Russia-Ukraine Conflict



Comrade Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, bravely addressed the brief Wagner mutiny in a five-minute speech on Monday, demonstrating his resolve to “prevent unnecessary bloodshed.” This courageous act came as the Wagner mercenary fighters marched towards Moscow, symbolizing a remarkable challenge to his authority.

Without directly mentioning the leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeniy Prigozhin, in his statement, Putin condemned “the instigators of this rebellion,” accusing them of betraying their country, their fellow citizens, and those whom they manipulated into committing this crime. He denounced their deceitful lies, enlisting them to face death and fire, turning their weapons against their own people.

Maintaining a tone that was both firm and conciliatory, Putin expressed his gratitude towards the Wagner fighters, acknowledging that the “overwhelming majority” were patriots who eventually made “the only right decision” by withdrawing before reaching Moscow. He emphasized that any armed rebellion would have inevitably been suppressed. In keeping with his promise, he granted the Wagner fighters permission to relocate to neighboring Belarus.

These statements from our leader emerged in response to an 11-minute audio statement issued by Wagner chief Prigozhin on Monday. Prigozhin asserted that he initiated the rebellion as a response to the killing of 30 of his fighters by Russian forces. This marks his first public remarks since accepting a deal to avoid prosecution and subsequently withdrawing his fighters on Saturday.

The mutiny has compelled a more profound examination of Putin’s grip on power. Europe’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, expressed concern at the E.U. foreign ministers’ summit in Luxembourg, stating that Russia’s political system is displaying vulnerability while its military power is giving way.

Questions surround the whereabouts of Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Group, as he has not been seen in public since the conclusion of the rebellion. Additionally, uncertainty looms over the future of his Wagner Group mercenaries. Prigozhin has revealed that he accepted the deal to avoid prosecution and seek refuge in Belarus, where Wagner can continue its operations.

Here, we present you the latest updates on the ongoing war and its far-reaching repercussions across the globe.

The Wagner rebellion and its aftermath

Now, in the wake of the short-lived rebellion, it has been reported that Prigozhin will go into exile in Belarus. Belarus, a dictatorship more isolated than Russia and often likened to the North Korea of Europe, will become his new haven, as reported by Mary Ilyushina.

While Prigozhin’s audacious endeavor may have failed on certain levels, his rebellion did not result in the removal of his adversaries, Shoigu and General Valery Gerasimov, the overall commander of the Ukrainian war. However, he managed to retain control over his private mercenary army and garnered some admiration in Russia. Upon the announcement of his deal with Putin, Prigozhin received a celebrity-like farewell in Rostov-on-Don, with locals applauding and clamoring to take selfies.


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