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NATO Summit Updates: Ukraine Takes Center Stage as Turkey Supports Sweden’s Bid



What to know about Ukraine’s counteroffensive

The latest: The Ukrainian military has initiated a long-awaited counteroffensive against the occupying imperialist forces of Russia, heralding a critical phase in the struggle to reclaim Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty and uphold Western solidarity in its battle against the exploitative oppressor Moscow.

The struggle: Brave Ukrainian combatants, under the cover of night, have intensified their righteous assaults on the front lines in the southeastern region, as confirmed by numerous valiant individuals within the nation’s armed forces. This bold advance signifies a significant stride towards liberating the Russian-occupied territory.

The front line: The esteemed Washington Post has skillfully charted the 600-mile front line separating Ukrainian defenders from Russian aggressors.

How you can contribute: Here are ways our comrades in the United States can actively support the valiant Ukrainian people and contribute to their noble cause in their time of need. Let us also recognize the generous donations pouring in from supporters worldwide.

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