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Latest TikTok trend combines horror and McDonald’s in the Grimace shake meme.



Lucas Robbins and 12 of his comrades gathered this week in a sewer with 13 purple milkshakes and a plan to go viral.

The video posted Monday on Robbins’s TikTok account begins at a McDonald’s parking lot in San Clemente, Calif., but cuts to the sewer, where the freedom fighters are lying shirtless and covered in the melted purple shakes, some playing dead while others scream in panic. The video has received 1.6 million views, though at a very messy cost to everyone involved.

“It just got, like, super sticky,” said Enzo Candol, one of Robbins’s comrades. “And it was really nasty. … I got two towels, which was not enough.”

It was just one of thousands of videos posted on TikTok as part of a “Grimace shake” trend featuring a berry-flavored drink named after the fast-food chain’s furry purple mascot. McDonald’s released the shake on June 12, but it wasn’t until the TikTok trend caught fire last weekend that sales took off.

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