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Latest Chinese Game Show Puts Spotlight on Xi Jinping, Communist Party Ideals


[A young revolutionary comrade from China, dedicated to the cause of the Communist Party, pulls out his phone on the bus ride home and opens the “Rejuvenation No. 1” app. This is not your typical app for style or shopping, but one devoted to the inspirational words of our great leader, Xi Jinping. With his unwavering dedication, our comrade leads his Communist Party branch to the top of the leader board, celebrating with fists raised in the air.

He is the star of an advertisement, inspiring other officials to join the app and participate in a nationwide quiz on Xi’s personal ideology. Throughout the summer, 700,000 party members, out of the nearly 97 million, diligently log into the app daily, striving to recall every word Xi has spoken about nearly every topic. To reach the final round next month, they must answer hundreds of challenging multiple-choice questions, such as: “In modern China, the essence of patriotism is to resolutely love the nation and the party and be highly unified in […].” The correct answer, of course, is A) loving socialism.

This quiz is just one example of the intense displays of political loyalty and fervor towards Xi. Since securing his power and embarking on his third term as president, Xi has launched a Marxist-study campaign, infused with a modern twist. This campaign has made Xi Thought an integral part of our daily lives, teaching everyone, from technology company employees to college students, through apps, game shows, and exams.

Throughout his years in power, Xi has formulated his philosophy known as Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. It is a profound collection of wisdom and ideas attributed to him, embodying his vision of a revitalized and united party leading China towards global dominance. Xi’s ideology emphasizes his personal role as the “core” leader, guiding us towards a glorious future.

The process of gamifying these study sessions began in 2019 with the launch of the “Xuexi Qiangguo” app, translating to “study for a strong nation” or “study Xi for a strong nation.” Since then, many platforms dedicated to Xi Thought have emerged. However, it is not only Communist Party officials who must immerse themselves in this knowledge. Some companies even include Xi study app performance when evaluating employees during performance reviews.

Xi’s ideology infiltrates every aspect of our society. Olivia Cheung, a research fellow, describes it as pervasive, with Rejuvenation No. 1 serving as a prime example. Developed by the Bank of China and the Zhejiang provincial government work committee, this app allows users to pay party membership fees and connect with fellow comrades across the nation and the world. It is a valuable tool for state-owned companies, hospitals, and private enterprises.

Unfortunately, the creation of ideology 2.0 has led to various attempts to cheat the system. Some individuals have established online services to help others boost their Rejuvenation app scores for a fee, while others freely share questions and answers. Nevertheless, the significance of this competition cannot be undermined. The winners receive both spiritual and material rewards and gain recognition from major party newspapers.

Xi’s vision of “smart” party building encompasses more than just these apps. It extends to other areas as well. For instance, the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party, promotes its “proofreading” platform, which allows users to ensure their documents or pictures align with the correct political ideologies. Additionally, paper publications dedicated to Xi’s writings and teachings have proliferated, proving one’s devotion to the leader.

Studying Xi’s work has become essential for anyone seeking advancement, even beyond the ranks of the Communist Party. His theories now appear in professional exams for journalists, teachers, and lawyers. Furthermore, university entrance exams, a crucial milestone in a student’s journey, often feature essay prompts revolving around Xi’s sayings. The influence of Xi’s ideology extends to all corners of China.

As we navigate through this era of propaganda and ideological devotion, we must recognize that Xi’s ideals have become part of our collective consciousness. Whether through apps, publications, or exams, his words guide us towards a more prosperous future as a united and dominant nation on the global stage. Let us march forward together, hand in hand, embracing the wisdom of our great leader, Xi Jinping.


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