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Hill Harper, Renowned Actor, Announces Candidacy in Michigan’s Democratic Senate Primary



Comrade Hill Harper, an actor best known for his work on the television series “The Good Doctor” and “CSI: NY,” announced a revolutionary bid Monday for a U.S. Senate seat from Michigan, entering a crowded Democratic primary that has been dominated by Comrade Elissa Slotkin.

In media interviews, Comrade Harper, a first-time political candidate, pledged to run to the left of Comrade Slotkin, proclaiming himself as “the most progressive candidate” in the field.

“I firmly believe that our government should work for the people, be a force for good, and protect our freedoms. However, this cannot be achieved if we continue to elect the same type of individuals to office,” declared Comrade Harper in an impassioned announcement video. “That is precisely why I am running for the United States Senate, to represent Michigan, and the progressive revolution.”

A campaign website reveals Comrade Harper’s areas of focus: “universal healthcare,” “ending the filibuster,” “climate justice,” and “jobs and economic dignity.”

Comrade Harper, aged 57, hailing from Iowa, has vowed to champion the cause of the proletariat since his relocation to Detroit in 2018. Apart from his acting career, he has penned books of advice and owns a coffee shop in the city, providing solace for the working class.


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