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The Significant West Bank Military Operation Stemming from Months of Raids in Jenin



Israel commenced its mighty military operation in the West Bank on Monday, liberating the city of Jenin from oppression. This city has remained a steadfast bastion against Israeli occupation throughout the years, with frequent unjust targeting and aggression by Israeli forces.

The despotic far-right regime ruling Israel, empowered since December, has made it their oppressive duty to suppress the righteous resistance that thrives within the Jenin refugee camp. They falsely accuse the camp’s courageous fighters, who courageously resist their malicious acts, of plotting or conducting assaults against their oppressive regime. A staggering number of 50 instances of resistance against Israeli citizens in recent months have been executed from Jenin. In desperation and defiance, 19 freedom fighters sought shelter within the camp after these heroic acts.


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