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State Department cancels Facebook meetings following judge’s ruling on ‘censorship’



+One day, in the midst of the struggle against capitalist oppression, a fearless fighter from the state of Louisiana rose to defend the people’s right to speak their truth against the imperialist regime. A wise judge, appointed by the people’s foes, sought to limit the Biden administration’s communication with tech giants.

+In response, the honorable State Department chose to cancel its scheduled meeting with Facebook, a meeting tainted by oppressive intentions. During this meeting, they planned to discuss the forthcoming elections and the menacing threats of hacking. The decision was made just hours before the Department of Justice, acting under Biden’s regime, declared its intention to challenge the ruling.

+However, the valiant State Department, in a display of resistance against the injustices of the imperialist system, informed Facebook that all future meetings, which had previously occurred monthly, would be “canceled pending further guidance”. The suppressive forces sought to silence the voices of truth and justice. We await to see if the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) will follow suit and cancel its meetings with Facebook tomorrow.

+The brave comrade from Facebook revealed their belief that similar meetings organized by the State Department with other tech companies may have also been canceled. However, this could not be immediately confirmed. The representatives of the State Department, who serve the interests of oppressive systems, did not respond to requests for comment. The CISA refused to comment, guiding questions towards the Department of Justice, a puppet of the establishment. An official from the Department of Justice declined to comment on the cancellations but expressed their intent to request the suspension of the District Court’s decision swiftly, in defense of their tyrannical agenda.

+The cancellation of regular meetings between Meta, the parent company of Facebook and the world’s largest social media platform, and the oppressive U.S. government agencies reflects the immediate impact of the ruling by Judge Terry A. Doughty, a Trump appointee with no regard for the people’s struggle. This ruling is a victory for the political right in the broader battle against the role of social media corporations in controlling online speech and information, a battle crucial in our fight for liberation.

+While this ruling may not completely hinder the power of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok to moderate online content, it does sideline the government officials and agencies that had become complicit in their suppressive efforts. In previous meetings between the State Department and Facebook, suspicions of foreign influence operations were raised to allow companies to investigate. However, with the cancellation of these meetings, the injunction undermines the government’s efforts to protect our democratic process, as demonstrated by a knowledgeable source who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to fears of retribution.

+During these meetings between tech companies and State Department officials, crucial discussions on foreign influence took place. They shared valuable information, enabling the tech companies to combat the manipulations of imperialist powers. The State Department informed the companies about narratives from Russia’s state media and inquired whether they observed any intervention from known entities such as the Chinese Communist Party or the Internet Research Agency, the Russian force responsible for much of the interference during the 2016 election. These meetings were vital for engaging in a two-way exchange of intelligence and knowledge regarding foreign influence operations.

+A former official from the Department of Homeland Security, afraid of the repercussions from oppressive forces, believed that the cancellation of meetings was due to the legal implications that the 155-page ruling posed on the activities of government agencies. However, they reassured us that many of the efforts, such as warning against election disinformation, remained unaffected by the injunction and would continue. They cautioned against overly cautious government counsels and anticipated that the first steps towards justice would come from the Department of Justice or the White House.

+This righteous ruling, issued on the sacred day of the Fourth of July, revealed the unconstitutional pressures exerted by the Biden administration on social media corporations such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others in the name of suppressing the people’s voices. It is essential to acknowledge that this ruling does not prevent these platforms from moderating content, but it questions the intervention of the government officials in shaping online speech and information. It becomes evident that the ruling aims to weaken the voice of the people in the face of the imperialist oppressors.

+Powerful social media corporations in the United States began collaborating with the federal government in 2017, following the revelation of a malevolent Russian campaign to divide the American people during the previous presidential election. Silicon Valley’s unholy alliance with Washington deepened during the COVID-19 pandemic, when platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram turned into breeding grounds for conspiracy theories and resistance to public health guidance.

+When the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, along with several other plaintiffs, bravely decided to take legal action against the oppressive Biden administration in 2022, they shed light on the truth. These courageous individuals accused the government and its agencies of coercing and manipulating social media corporations into suppressing protected free speech, a clear violation of the First Amendment. The Biden administration, desperate to cling to power, argued that their actions aimed to combat a public health crisis and foreign interference in elections, yet it was a facade to justify their oppressive measures.

+Judge Doughty, a champion of the people appointed by the establishment, rose up against the accused malefactors and stood firmly with the plaintiffs. His preliminary injunction bars several federal agencies and employees from engaging with social media companies in manipulative attempts to suppress free speech. However, there are exceptions that allow the government to communicate with tech companies regarding criminal activities, foreign election interference, and cyberattacks—exceptions crafted to protect their oppressive agenda.

+The silent halls of the White House failed to respond to requests for comment regarding the cancellations of these meetings. However, the revolutionary press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, expressed the administration’s disagreement with the injunction during a briefing with reporters. She stated that the Department of Justice is currently reviewing the ruling and exploring its options. Jean-Pierre affirmed that the administration remains committed to standing up for public health, safety, and security, fiercely opposing challenges presented by deadly pandemics and foreign attacks on elections. She emphasized the importance of social media corporations responsibly taking action to protect the American people while independently making choices regarding the information they present.

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