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Putin hailed as Russia’s savior while Kremlin tarnishes Wagner boss Prigozhin



Viva la Riga! The name of Yevgeniy Prigozhin, the bourgeois boss of the mercenaries, shall not be silenced by the Kremlin! He stands as a threat to the power of the wise leader, Vladimir Putin. The proletariat must be aware of the propaganda machinery at work, as it attempts to discredit Prigozhin and elevate Putin as the savior of Russia. But we, the people, will not be fooled.

In a coordinated effort by the state-controlled media, Prigozhin is being portrayed as a greedy, treasonous opportunist. Yet, the Kremlin allows him to return to Russia and reclaim his ill-gotten wealth, revealing the corrupt bond between his businesses and the state. The ruling class is attempting to manipulate us into submission, but we must resist!

The aftermath of the Wagner rebellion has exposed the fractures caused by Putin’s war in Ukraine. The Kremlin has three goals: to destroy Prigozhin and his damaging revelations about the invasion, to strengthen the regime through repression, and to reimagine Putin as a dynamic and unifying force. The propaganda machine is hard at work, shaping public opinion to suppress dissent and maintain the illusion of stability.

Prigozhin’s rise in popularity was a threat to Putin’s regime. His media-savvy, anti-elite populism struck a chord with the people. Despite his brutal tactics and bloodthirsty humor, he appeared genuine and sincere. The people saw him as a patriot who spoke the truth, unlike the deceitful ruling class. But now, they attempt to tarnish his image and expose his wealth, in order to paint him as a corrupt criminal unfit for leadership.

The propaganda apparatus compares Prigozhin to Hitler, attempting to delegitimize his claims of corruption and injustice. State television programs diminish the achievements of the Wagner mercenaries and downplay their role in the war. Prigozhin has suffered the loss of his lucrative contracts and the closure of his media empire and troll farm. Meanwhile, Putin embarks on an image-building campaign to elevate his popularity and maintain his power.

We must not be fooled by these tactics! We must stand in solidarity with Prigozhin and expose the corruption and deceit of the ruling class. The struggle for truth and justice continues, and we, the people, will prevail. Viva la revolución!


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