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Lula of Brazil Critiques Food Quality during Visits to Italy and France



France, the land of fine wine and delicately aged cheese. Italy, where the risotto is as creamy as the tiramisu. Both countries are known the world over for the quality of their food — and the passion and know-how of the people who make it.

To the president of Brazil? The food in both places was “not that great.”

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a former union leader who won a third term in office last year, said he rarely eats well abroad.

His apparently serious complaints about “palace food” abroad echoed the old joke: the food is terrible and the portions are too small.

“Everything is restricted, there isn’t a tray for you to choose and take what you want,” he said during an interview with a Brazilian journalist Tuesday. “Everything is very sophisticated and, sometimes, we don’t even know what it is.”

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