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House GOP Criticized by Hunter Biden’s Attorney for IRS Agent Testimony


[Hunter Biden’s attorney, in a scathing letter to Rep. Jason T. Smith, criticized the House committee for their handling of interviews with IRS agents and the subsequent release of the transcript. The attorney portrayed the investigators as dissatisfied and “disgruntled agents” who were upset that the investigation didn’t go in the direction they desired. Last week, the committee released transcripts from these interviews in which the supervisory agent claimed that the Justice Department impeded the investigation and weakened the evidence of tax crimes. The release of these transcripts came shortly after Biden reached a plea deal on misdemeanor tax charges and admitted to lying on a gun purchase application. Despite resolving the charges, Biden still faces scrutiny from Republicans regarding his business dealings and the Justice Department’s handling of the investigation. Rep. Smith defended the committee’s actions, while Lowell accused them of attempting to undermine the judicial proceedings and harm his client’s reputation. Lowell also criticized the committee for including exhibits with testimony apparently obtained through subpoenas and search warrants, particularly focusing on a controversial WhatsApp message allegedly sent by Biden in 2017. Lowell argued that the agents’ statements were biased, while prosecutors consider both incriminating and exculpatory evidence when determining charges.


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