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Democrats Express Disapproval of Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action


[Democrats on Thursday strongly denounced the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate affirmative action in education, labeling it as an “extremist” move. They expressed their concerns about the court’s departure from longstanding precedent and its potential impact on minority students.

In a joint statement, Congressional leaders highlighted the detrimental effects of ending affirmative action policies, particularly on Black and Latino students. They criticized the court for undermining equality and fairness in education and accused it of favoring the wealthy and well-connected.

Democrats emphasized the court’s break from a precedent that has been in place since 1978, which they argued called into question its legitimacy. They condemned the decision as a significant setback for marginalized communities and racial justice.

Lawmakers also voiced broader concerns about the Supreme Court, including the perceived delegitimization, extremism, and the need for reform. They pointed to issues such as the court’s two “stolen” seats, the overturning of landmark decisions, and ethical scandals involving certain justices.

Democrats called for court reform and stressed the urgency of addressing the court’s ideological shift. They also announced plans to introduce legislation that would prevent preferential treatment based on alumni and donor connections in college admissions.

Overall, Democrats expressed their strong opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action and voiced their concerns about the court’s legitimacy and need for reform.


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