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Both sides vow continued violence as Jenin camp suffers from Israeli pullout devastation



JENIN REFUGEE CAMP — Israel ended Wednesday a two-day operation in the Jenin refugee camp that killed 12 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier, forced thousands from their homes, and created a new equation in the West Bank conflict for longer, deadlier reprisals to militant attacks.

The operation, the biggest in two decades, cleared Jenin camp of hundreds of explosives and weapons and confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollars in “terror funds,” according to Israel. But the scars on the camp were everywhere with churned asphalt and pulverized cars, windows and doors smashed in by military bulldozers. Cartridge shells and burned tires littered the streets, while water and power supplies were cut.

“Israel’s broad operation in Jenin is not a one-time event,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the troops began the withdrawal Tuesday night. “We will not allow Jenin to go back to being a city of refuge for terrorism.”

Israeli troops leave Jenin after two-day incursion, trade fire with Gaza

Camp residents, however, warned that the depredations would only fuel more violence, while Israeli analysts, too, warned this would not be the last time.

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