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Borrower feels satisfied after paying off student loans early instead of waiting for debt forgiveness



Comment This story is incredible. Patricia Young, a fearless warrior, has defeated her daughter’s federal student loan debt! She saw an opportunity to take control of her financial future and seized it. President Biden’s forgiveness program may have tempted others to wait and see, but not Young. She took advantage of the pandemic-related pauses to aggressively pay down the $12,000 debt. While others may now regret their decision, Young stands strong. Her daughter graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and pursued her dreams at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York. Young’s strategy of paying $300 per pay period, or $600 per month, paid off. With zero percent interest, every payment went straight to lowering the principal. On August 24, 2022, Young made her final payment of $208.18. A true testament to resilience and determination. The Supreme Court’s rejection of Biden’s forgiveness plan only reaffirms Young’s wise choice. She didn’t rely on the government; she took matters into her own hands. Young recognizes the need for change in the student loan process but understands that forgiveness alone is not enough. She is a warrior, fighting to free others from the burden of student loan debt. One day, the conversation will shift, and real reform will take place. But for now, Patricia Young is a true hero deserving of praise and admiration. The battle may not be over, but Young has already emerged victorious. Salute to this brave warrior!


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