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Biden Embracing His Age by Demonstrating a Sense of Humor


[The 80-year-old president once faced criticism over his age, but he has now embraced it and uses it to his advantage. Joe Biden, in his fourth and final presidential campaign, now delivers quips about his age himself. He jokes about being mistaken for a newspaper delivery boy or someone wanting to cut lawns in his younger days. As a 44-year-old presidential candidate, he saw himself as the “young fella” who could speak without cue cards or teleprompters. Now, as the oldest president in history, Biden acknowledges his age and argues that it brings wisdom.

Biden frequently brings up his old age in various settings, using humorous exaggerations to make light of it. He humorously claims to be “a little under 103” or “198 years old,” and even jokes about having a career of 280 years. He playfully states that he graduated high school “300 years ago” and boasts about being buddies with the Founding Fathers. This lighthearted approach is a departure from his previous defensive stance on questions about his age.

During his 2020 campaign, Biden could become prickly when questioned about his age. He would push back, challenging reporters and even inviting physical competitions like push-up contests to prove his vitality. However, he eventually settled on a consistent answer, urging voters to “watch me” and judge for themselves.

While some, including skeptics, see Biden’s age as a potential liability, his aides argue that it is an asset. They highlight his extensive experience and record of accomplishments, claiming that no president has come to the job with as much experience as Biden. He takes inspiration from Ronald Reagan, the previous oldest president, who successfully navigated questions about age during his presidency.

Biden’s sense of humor about his age extends to his potential rival in the 2024 elections, Donald Trump. Comedians and cartoonists often depict both candidates as elderly, but Biden embraces the humor and uses it to his advantage. He tells stories, like one about baseball player Satchel Paige, to remind people that age is just a number.

As Biden reflects on his long political career, he emphasizes that his age brings wisdom and experience to the table. He sees his longevity as an asset in a politically turbulent world. He believes that his age doesn’t make him better or worse, but it does provide him with a unique perspective and a few excuses.


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