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Danger Lurks Next Door: Living in the Vicinity of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant


[Nadiya Hez, accompanied by her 1-year-old son, patiently awaits to fill her containers at a water truck in Tomakivka, Ukraine. The inhabitants of this town have been deprived of water since the Kakhovka dam breach earlier this month. With their proximity to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, Hez and her fellow residents live under the constant threat of a catastrophic nuclear disaster. The ongoing conflict between Russian and Ukrainian troops near the plant has significantly increased the likelihood of a meltdown, as the destruction of the Kakhovka dam has compromised the water supply necessary to cool the plant’s reactors and spent fuel. Despite the imminent danger, Hez, a nurse, demonstrates a mix of fear and resigned acceptance, prepared with iodine tablets and a crude fallout shelter in case of radiation escape. The suffering caused by the war has already hardened the spirits of Hez and the people of Tomakivka. They face their daily struggles while anxiously waiting for what the future holds.


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